drug testing should be required only for those in public transportation sector jobs

this is how do i like to be my essay structure, it has to be an argument essay makes a claim and offers reasons and evidence in support of the claim. An Argument essay is concerned with an isuue— a controversy, a problem or an idea about which people hold different points of view.

this is the structure of the essay

TITLE    “drug testing should be required only for those in public transportation sector jobs”

Introduction– main idea — claim
background information
definition of terms
reason #1
emotion / value# 1
emotion /vlue#2
emotion/value #3
counter argument #1
counter argument #2
counter argument#3
Body–          Part I
Reasons and evidence:
Reason #1
These are TYPES of Evidence
— Part II
Emotional Appeals
Need or Value #1
Need or Value #2
Nedd or value #3
— Part III
Opposimg View points:
Opposing view #1
Opposing view #2
Opposing view #3
This is an acknowledgement, accommodation or refutation of your argument

Conclusion ——

A restatement of your claim
Final appeal to needs or values
Urge readers to take action

background information is like the history of the situation
the essay has to be done in 12 paragraphs

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