How do you plan to correct the weak areas revealed in your Post-Mortem Autopsy?

Many things can be learned from Post-Mortem Autopsy or dissection of a body after death. The same can be true for the dissection and analysis of the results of an exam. Your assignment is to dissect and analyze the results of your first Community Health exam.

Questions that you might ask and discuss may include (but are not limited to):
In which section of the exam did I perform best/worst and why?
On what content (chapters, specific topics, etc.) did I perform best/worst and why?
Is there a pattern to the questions I missed? What caused that pattern?
Is there a pattern or reason as to why I didnt earn more points on the essays?
My study habits prepared well for ______, but didnt prepare me for ______.

1.Write up a Post-Mortem Autopsy Report on your Exam 1 performance (based on the Questions listed above). Be honest with yourself about your strengths or weaknesses as revealed in your analysis.

2.After you complete your Post-Mortem analysis, use the results to write a Plan for Improvement. What can you do differently to be better prepared for the next exam? Do you need to change your study habits? Why or why not? What, specifically, are you going to change? Do you need to change the way you approach the content or write on the essays? How do you plan to correct the weak areas revealed in your Post-Mortem Autopsy?

This should be no more than 1 page in length, with 12-point font and double-spaced.

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