How ex-convicts reform and rebuild their lives, Maruna describes the concept of resistance. Explain

Each question must be four full pages in length and have a title page and separate reference page. Do not include the question in your answer; all identying information should be placed on the title page; include your name in the header of your paper. Keep in mind that a double spaced page using Times New Roman 12 point font will have twenty-three lines of text. Times New Roman 12 is the only font/size you are to use. You must also correctly use APA style in the body of your paper and on the reference page. An abstract is not required for this type of assignment. Be sure to also refer to the syllabus for all other style requirements for this exam.
In chapter one of Making Good: How ex-convicts reform and rebuild their lives, Maruna describes the concept of desistance. First, discuss general meaning of this idea and then apply your discussion to the narrative conceptualization of redemption scripts.
In chapter four of his text, Maruna describes what he calls condemnation scripts. First describe what is implied by this concept and then apply your discussion to its relationship to the self and its influence on the rehabilitation process.

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