How sport mangers deal with concussion in the event of a concussion and prevention.


  • This assignment is intended to provide students with the opportunity to explore a particular aspect of the course in greater depth through a review of relevant literature in the field.  Through this paper, students will delve in-depth into a particular topic that interests them in the kind of detail that we may not have the opportunity to during our class discussions.  Students are required to complete their Research Paper as a means of developing and demonstrating their investigative research, critical analysis, and writing skills.
  • Students must refer to no less than six different sources in researching and preparing their papers, including peer-reviewed academic journals (minimum of three), textbooks, self-help books, trade publications (e.g., Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal), magazines, newspapers, documentary videos, articles from the World Wide Web (maximum of three), and so forth.  Wikipedia and other web-based encyclopedias are not valid sources of information and are not to be cited in your paper.  NOTE: Peer-reviewed academic journal articles that are retrieved through electronic means (i.e., via Internet databases) do not count as World Wide Web articles.

ASSIGNMENT EVALUATION:This assignment is worth 25% of your overall grade in the course.  Your evaluation will be based on the following grid:

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