How would intercultural communication scholarship explain the gap that exists between the family and doctors?Explain

Here are all of the instructions as provided by the syllabus:
Analytic Reaction Paper: A paper analyzing The Color of Water will be due on Week 12. Writing such a paper, not to mention participating in the attending class discussion, presumes you will have read the entire book. This paper shall be 1,500 words in length and submitted electronically to Blackboard on the prescribed due date. A good paper will relate events detailed in the book to topics discussed in the course up to that point. How would intercultural communication scholarship explain the gap that exists between the family and doctors? What instances stand out as examples of effective or poor intercultural communication?

A Word on Papers: When writing a paper, assume that the reader has not taken this course. This will force you to clearly explain concepts and illustrate your analysis and interpretation with specific examples. All concepts must be fully explained, developed, illustrated, applied and cited. Rather than simply listing concepts, you must demonstrate your thorough understanding of these concepts and discuss their relevance and significance to your analysis.

What does a good paper look like?

Analytical depth that goes beyond mere description of the content of the material you are asked to analyze.

Good organization, including a clear introduction and a conclusion.

Professional writing. This includes well-constructed, complete sentences and minimal typographic errors. You must proof-read your writing before you turn it in!

All papers should follow proper style, formatting, and include proper citations and a bibliography. If you need assistance with your paper or style guides, feel free to make use of the resources available from the University Writing center at:

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