Human Resources

Human Resources


Turner construction Company presents building and construction services to a diverse group of clients, whom they creatively work in partnership. Turner made its mark on the industry pioneering the use of steel reinforced concrete for general construction purposes. This has enabled the company to deliver stronger and proficient buildings to clients. The company has continuously embraced the current emerging technologies offering assorted set of services to their clients. The company has its head offices in North America and all over the world. In addition, the company employs over 5200 employees working on over 1200 projects annually (Turner Construction Company, 2005). Safety and prevention of accidents and incidents is a priority in any construction company. The company’s safety officer is answerable for the development of the Company’s Environmental safety and health policies (Simons et al., 2000). This arrangement intends to protect the employees from work related illnesses and injuries.

Turner’s environmental health and safety standards

Turner Company has set up an excellent environmental health and safety strategy, which is integral to the safety management of all the employees. It has the liability of accomplishment of the health and safety program. The history of the company has demonstrated that the more the local business units, associates and subcontractors are aligned to the company’s safety protocol (Gunhan & Arditi, 2005). Turner Company continuously evaluates its operations and controls, with the objective of making the company the best company in the industry. For example, the safety protocol operates under a single umbrella. This provides the ease for the support of a function between the local business units and the company’s corporate risk management. The outcome of the strategic link is to assure that the risk management and safety priorities provide impact through a direct engaged approach.

The Turners safety-first philosophy is trade marked as building L.I.F.E, which strives to eliminate all the worksite incidents through preplanning construction activities with the safety engagement commencing at the project pursuit (Turner Construction Company, 2005). These standards work with the company’s policies, the mandatory safety inspections and training programs for all the workers. Building L.I.F.E is supported by  guiding principles, which include policies such as injuries are preventable, the workers should perform the job only if it  is safe, working safely is a condition of employment and the practice of safe behaviors all time.

Turner Company continuously strives to improve and identify risks, whilst enforcing the programs designed to reduce risks through best practice policies and guidelines. This yields a successful record of accomplishment that connects the company’s safety standards with the ground situation at the project operation sites. The company’s continuous commitment to safety offers progressive and innovative programs. All the employees need to adhere to the safety rules.  The first violators get a verbal warning with documentation to the contractor in the form of the self-assessment form. The second violators receive the assessment follow up form, including multiple days of suspension, and even eventual removal from the project. The third violation will automatically lead to expulsion from the project. The disciplinary assessment forms completed by the competent individual, and all the records of indiscipline kept.

For the past decade, the company holds the annual company safety stand down at all the job sites. This safety stand down program commences at the start of the Labor Day weekend. At these sites, the work is suspended for one hour as the jobsite employees gather to listen to important themes of safe working practices. The stand down had the focus of our attention on the safety and assistance as well as support to employees. Increasing awareness of potential hazards helps to avoid personal health emergencies. The company is dedicated to providing its workers with the information and resources to improve their health as the major Stand Down primary goal of the year.

Standards, Policies and Guidelines on occupational health and safety

Turner Company management ensures that each of the employees receives training during hiring, followed with the provision by the Employee Handbook. The Employee Handbook contains the conditions of employment, therefore, all the employees have to read and abide by the rules and regulations in the safety program (Fung et al., 2010). The safety program contains information on the company’s policies and act as a quick reference for all the employees. With the help of the management, the general safety committee will help in the implementation, monitoring of an accident prevention program.

The company throughout the construction period holds periodic training session. The training is under the supervision of the Safety director, supervisor, and superintendents or by an external safety officer depending on the topic (Gunhan & Arditi, 2005). The Foremen in the company conduct weekly toolbox meeting at the site for new training and job specification and ongoing training for the employees. Furthermore, all the employees produce safety permits to run different construction machines. For example, the drivers of the powered industrial truck license, licensed crane operators, and Ariel lift licensed drivers.

Conclusion and recommendations for improvement

The company provides effective occupational health and safety for their employees, through the numerous strategies put in place. However, the company needs to maintain and improve systems of communication between the management and the employees to reduce hazards in the workplace. It is also recommended for the health and safety committee to act in the consultative and advisory capacity to the leadership groups to find resolutions to the health and safety workplace issues. The company needs to adopt sound procedures, work practices, and training exercise for the employees throughout the year.




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