Identify a new to market product or service.

Chapter 14: Gaining and Defending Market Position
Identify a new to market product or service. This can be one you recently read about or something you make up because you believe there is a need for this product or service. You are the Chief Marketing Officer and responsible for defining a Market Innovation Strategy (refer to the Chapter 14 slides).
Describe the product or service and target market.
Explain which first mover advantage(s) you would seek to leverage.
Explain what benefits would be realized by being a “first-mover”.
Explain the risks associated with being a “first-mover”.
Chapter 15: Managing Sales Growth
Using McKinsey’s “Five Proven Sales Growth Strategies”, explain how you would apply each of the five sales strategies to the “selling” of your product or service identified in question 1 above (refer to the McKinsey presentation sent to you via email with the link). Be specific with your explanation.
Chapter 16: Managing New Products
For the product or service you identified in question 1, develop a three-year demand forecast. Explain your assumptions and how you arrived at them.
Chapter 17: Managing Product Lines
For the product or service you identified in question 1, explain both a horizontal and a vertical product line extension. Identify the goals for each of these product line extensions and the risks associated with each extension.

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