Identify and provide substantive analysis of the protagonist, the antagonist, and any foil characters in Antigone.

Answer all these questions in depth, but make into an essay. Question 1 – Provide brief insight into the rhetorical situation as it pertains to Sophocles’ drama Antigone. Touch on the work’s tone, context, and purpose, among other things, which we will debate. Question 2 – Identify and provide substantive analysis of the protagonist, the antagonist, and any foil characters in Antigone. Consider each character’s actions and the motivations underlying them, their statements and what they reveal about them, the major struggles with which they are presented, as well as their interactions with others, to name a few. Question 3 – Identify the type of character Tiresias represents, and provide brief insight into the portrayal of this character. Explain his role in Antigone. Which contemporary characters in literature and/or film are comparable to this character type? Briefly explain. Question 4 – Identify and provide brief insight into one of the major debates between two characters in the work under examination. Identify and evaluate the effectiveness–or ineffectiveness– of the rhetorical strategies employed by the characters involved in the debate. What can be inferred about their character –that is, their values, and the motivations underlying their actions? Briefly explain the rationale for the group’s perspective. Question 5 – Identify and interpret two of the Greek proverbs included in the play. Provide brief insight into their “universal,” enduring truths. Question 6 – Explain the composition and role of the chorus in Sophocles’ drama. Select a passage by the chorus, and provide succinct, clear, and cogent interpretation of it. Question 7 – What role, if any, does the play’s setting, among other techniques like irony, help to play in illuminating the work’s theme? Provide a succint, clear interpretation of the latter, which we will debate. Question 8 – Interpret the philosophical issue or the moral question Sophocles raises in the play, and provide a thoughtful, brief response to it. Explain whether it speaks to us in the 21st century. Question 9 – In what, if any, sense is this drama a work about civil disobedience more so than anything else? Explain and cite evidence in support of your position. Question 10 – What light does the play shed on the Greek ethos, including stratification across gender and class lines, during 441 B.C.? Are there any practices and forms of governance that were prevalent at the time which persist today? Briefly explain and cite evidence in support of the group’s position. Question 11 – Provide any overall reflections on Sophocles’ drama. Are there any remaining unanswered questions about it?

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