Identification and Evaluation of Action Alternatives.

The case study is due two weeks prior to the end of the internship of athletics. The student must file a five to six page case study that addresses a problem or issue at the Texas AM Commerce athletic football internship work site. A problem is an obstacle to be overcome. An issue is an idea or activity about which there is debate. The student must decide upon a policy that will best address the problem or issue. The case analysis should be written in a narrative format that covers the following:
Situational Analysis: Begin by identifying the problem or issue. Does something stand in the way of mutual interests in reaching a goal, or are there legitimate grounds for debate? Why did the problem or issue arise? Who is concerned? How critical is the situation?
Analysis and Use of Evidence: What quantitative data is available? What is the applicability of the data to the problem or issue at hand? How appropriate is the data in terms of precision or estimation? Is there an adequate accumulation of other evidence to support the idea that there is a legitimate issue or that a real problem exists? There must be definite instances, not just generalizations. What is the balance in terms of the evidence? Considerable support from both sides indicates that there is a real issue. How valid and objective are the evidence? Bias and prejudice must be avoided. What is the thoroughness of reasoning? How important or controversial is a particular point?
Identification and Evaluation of Action Alternatives: What are the possible solutions to the problems? What are the alternatives of action for resolving an issue? Evaluation of action alternatives is accomplished by considering such factors as feasibility, time involved, and the possible contribution in either solving the problem or resolving the issue.
Conclusions and/or Recommendations: Must show a relationship to the analysis. Details of development should be set forth. What is the policy? The policy is essentially the action decision.

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