Identify any metaphysical and or epistemological issues involved in the charge.

Write a typed research paper of 4-5 pages (any paper turned in that is less than 4 pages will not be accepted). There must a minimum of three (3) references (Wikipedia is not an acceptable source of reference). The paper must follow the MLA format. There must be one (1) cover page and one (1) bibliography page, neither of which will be counted as part of the 4-5 pages. In addition to content, the work will be judged in terms of structure, clarity of argument, grammar and diction. It is recommended that you have your papers edited before they are turned in.

State as clearly as you can Berkeleys charge that the philosophers are guilty of complicating knowledge, by introducing unnecessary abstractions. Then try to defend philosophy against that charge. Which position do you endorse? Do you think that those abstractions are epistemologically necessary, or do you think that Berkeley correct?

a)Identify any metaphysical and or epistemological issues involved in the charge.
b)Discuss the philosophical strategy employed by Berkeley.
c)Discuss how the particular line of argument used failed or helped in advancing philosophical discussions.
d)Finally, in your opinion, using sound arguments based on the concepts we discussed in class, explain how you would defend the philosophers against the charge.

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