Identify ITS Perspectives.

First Draft Feb 17

Make sure your paper has a title and your name on it.

Provide Thesis statement.

Choose a tourism issue that has global application or implication.

Choose a developing country to provide examples of the global issue.

Choose a governmental or non-governmental client.

Identify ITS Perspectives.

This one page paper should be typed, double space, with one inch margins.

Keep backup hard copies and digital files.

Key on ideas and organization.

Be sure to organize your ideas, examine and edit your paper carefully.

Writing should clarify your thought.

Use at least two references.

Internal citations should use the following form: (Smith, 2009, p. 25).

Bring one hard copy to class.

Turn in paper electronically through Canvas.

Use Public Persuasive Writing assessment rubric for peer review, also edit the essay for writing

Final Essay due Mar 2 discuss in class 2 pages

This two page paper should be typed, double space, with one inch margins.

Bring one hard copy to class for instructor. Turn in paper electronically through Canvas.

Organization :

Introductory paragraph (thesis, link to ITS, location of issue, gov or NGO client),

1st body paragraph (presents argument and data, explains contending actors and interests

2nd body paragraph (presents recommendation, identifies strengths and weaknesses)

Concluding paragraph (summarizes argument, answers questions, identifies implications)

For my topic since China is so big so I choose Shanghai as my “country” for study the Shanghai’s tourism. Because this is an international study course so I need the international perspective in my paper. I need find the the “problem”. I think I can do economic tourism like focus on the economy area in Shanghai since it’s a international city. I think since there is a lot of pollution in China, like the air pollution in Shanghai, the smug problems. I think one of the reasons cause the pollution is Shanghai push there econ develop too hard. That might be one of the problems that influence their tourism. But in the other hand the economy is kind a reason attract people from the worldwide came to Shanghai to see a big city. So that is conflict. For now I just can find this one problem. So I forget to write my paper’s client on my first draft but that is very important. this research paper’s client should be the China or Shanghai government, maybe ministry of environment or development. U should find a idea for my client to resolve the problem. I give your both instruction of first and final draft because the final draft should include the both. I will give your my first draft for sure.

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