Identify the ways nurses can personally take part in shaping future nursing care.

Overview: Legislator E-mail Exercise
To take a proactive role in nursing policy, you will prepare an email to your legislator about an current nursing issue. You must first identify your legislators. Then you will write a concise, professionally worded e-mail to one of the state-level legislators about a current nursing issue that is important to you. You will:
1.Find your top legislator in your county. You will only write your email to the top legislator.
2.Complete the graphic organizer on this assignment document as well. The boxes will expand for you. If you click in them the movable box appears and you can expand.
3.Write your final e-mail in the space provided on this assignment document.
4.Submit the email that you have prepared for your legislator into your assignment Dropbox in Blackboard. It is not necessary for you to actually send your email to you legislator unless you choose to do so.
Performance Objective:
Identify the ways nurses can personally take part in shaping future nursing care.
Use this rubric to guide your work on the assignment, Legislator E-mail.
Task Accomplished Proficient Needs Improvement
Writing and Sending the E-mail
Write an e-mail to personal state-level legislator about a healthcare or nursing issue discussed in this modules content, and send the e-mail by the required deadline. Will deduct 5 points if Graphic Decision Making Tool provided is not completed.
(Total 60 points) E-mail conveys a concern about current issue, uses correct a greeting and closing and submitted on time.
(60 points)E-mail conveys a concern about an issue, uses a greeting and closing with no significant errors, and is submitted on time.
No greeting-5pts/No closing-5/pts deductions
No graphic decision making tool-5/pts deduction
(40 points)E-mail does not address a specific issue OR the greeting or closing contains at least one significant error OR it is not sent on time.
(0-20 points)
Quality of the E-mail
E-mail is clear, concise, and gives an example of how the issue affects the students practice.
(Total 40 points)
E-mail addresses a specific issue, includes at least one personal example, is concise, and is well-organized. (40 points)E-mail is concise, addresses an issue, and includes an example but is not connected to the students practice. Does not include personal example
(20 point)E-mail is unclear OR too long OR does not include a specific example.
(0 points)

A.Identifying Your Legislators: Find out who your legislators are at the state level. (For students located in Texas, use the Texas Legislature Online link located in Resource to find your representives. For students in other states, use a search engine to locate your legislators.) If you do not live in Texas you can google search your counties legislative system. You only need the top legislator that you are going to address your issue to. If email information is not available then you would only place their physical address.

I live in shadow Creek, city of Pearl and in Texas, use the above link
Record their names, titles, and contact information here: Type information into text box.

B. Using a Graphic Organizer to Selecting an Issue: Identify a current nursing issue from lecture material important to you and your practice. To help you begin organizing your thoughts, complete the following graphic organizer. Type right into the boxes.

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