Identify the different types of writing used within the different sections of the website.

The Written Record.

You will be examining another perspective on representing the Holocaust:

Eyewitness accounts and historical record of events which occurred in towns and villages..

Go to the following site.

The Story of the Jewish Community in Mir.


Locate the original location of Mir on a Google map.

In what country is Mir located today?
Where is the town in relation to Germany?
Read the information that is contained in each of the chapters listed on the left hand side of the web page. You will be reading about the experiences of different people from this town from before, during and after WW2.

You will hand write responses to the questions below in your workbook.

The questions require answers after reading and viewing all the information.

You are to write paragraph answers which include quotes or other references to support your opinion.

You may write more than one paragraph to respond to some questions.

The approximate minimum length of your response to each question is indicated at the end of each question.

What is the purpose of this website? (100 words)
Identify the different types of writing used within the different sections of the website. Give examples or references. (150 words)
How is language used to convey information in this website? Include comments at least on point of view, register, tone and word choice. Use quotes to support your opinion. (150 words)
What is the effect of including the images? Specifically identify at least four images from different sections in your response. (100 words)
Though events from the war dominate the information, what positives can be gained from the information? (100 words)
Why was Rufeisen a significant person in Mir and what occupation did he take up after World War 2? (50 words)
List the members of the Reznik family and their fates. Include information on all members of the family.

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