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Project description
Both of the last two novels were fictional stories loosely based on historical events or characters. Create a Powerpoint or Presi presentation comparing Larsen OR Ondaatje\’s version of events to the historically accurate events or characters. For example, you may choose to compare Ondaatje\’s fictional account of the life of Buddy Bolden to Bolden\’s real life. Or, you may choose to compare Larsen\’s fictional representation of that time period and the idea of \”passing\” to the historical accounts that exist. This will take some digging to find relevant sources. You will need to treat this assignment as a paperit is; its just delivered through a different medium.

Presentation Requirements:
– Provide 15-20 slides / a 5-7 minute presentation, including a works cited page.
– Use MLA formatting and citations. MLA citations are required (this means
that I expect all secondary sources to be documented and textbook passages to
be accurately referenced with page numbers).
– Incorporate relevant images, videos, and web links (cite them).
– Pay attention to rhetorical strategies to create visual interest (colors, layout,
animation, music, etc.).

I would prefer a writer who knows about Passing by Nella Larsen, if possible!
Please use as many sources as needed!

The novel: https://archive.org/stream/passing00lars/passing00lars_djvu.txt
Cheat sheets:

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