Impact of PPACA on Nursing Practice

Impact of PPACA on Nursing Practice

The enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is expected to bring changes in the coordination of care, nurses’ responsibilities and the work environment. One of the provisions that will affect nursing practice is Section 5208 of the PPACA that allows for the funding of nurse-managed health centers (American Nurses Association [ANA], 2010). The purpose of these centers is to provide wellness services and primary healthcare to individuals who are underserved and vulnerable, irrespective of their insurance status and income. The main service providers in these centers will be nurses (Wakefield, 2010). These NMHCs will serve as training sites for primary care students. An increase in the number of graduate students’ structured teaching sites will improve nursing practice. The growth of programs pioneered by nurses such as NMHCs will create more value for my role as a nurse. Providing funding for NMHCs will lead to the establishment of more of these centers and this will provide me with opportunities to take leadership roles and be able to apply nursing philosophies including patient-centered care. It will also give me a chance to take up diverse healthcare responsibilities since nurses will be in charge of care delivery in these centers.

Another key provision that will affect nurses is Section 5309 of PPACA. This provision proposes the giving of grants to support the nurses’ service, academic and continuing education plans (ANA, 2010). This provision allows nurses to acquire higher education levels. Its purpose it to ensure the advancement and development of the nurses so as to increase their retention, strengthen the workforce and enhance patient care quality (Wakefield, 2010). This provision will impact my practice because I will acquire more skills to deal with the complex needs of a growing number of insured patients. I will be able to provide a wide range of services to the patients and offer better care as a result of the advancement in education.


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