Impacts of Oil Production in the Developing World.

Research Nigeria oil industry and evidence a write up demonstrating the following with real-life valid examples all cited: Please Answer all questions.

1.What is the history of Oil and gas development in Nigeria? Also, is there a resource curse issue?
2.What is the position of NOC relative to the IOC’s, who are the IOC’s in Nigeria? Who are the indigenous companies? Find them all, what is the local content laws?
3.What strategy do NOC, IOC and indigenous companies utilise to engage in the country you selected? PSC, JV etc
4.What is the Political Economy of International Trade in Oil in Nigeria? What are the strategic trade theories relevant to Nigeria? what are the O & G trade terms? local content, O & G taxes, Royalties, other fiscal or import/export terms?
5.What is the Oil, National Security and Conflict status in Nigeria?
6.Find GDP figures over decades in Nigeria from the World Bank.
7.What is the position of international finance and FDI into O & G relative to Nigeria, who is financing projects?
8.What are the O & G CSR Projects in Nigeria ? What is their benefit?
9.What global governance institutions is in Nigeria or companies operating in your country signatory to? e.g. OPEC, EITI, UN, How does this influence the geopolitics, transparency etc within the country’s O & G industry?
10.What is the effect of Oil Scarcity, Oil Prices, Alternatives, unconventional-s in your country?

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