In a well-written, double-spaced paper of at least 1200 but not more than 2000 words, answer the following three questions with specific points and explanation: What qualities of good writing and research have you learned this quarter that have shaped your writing and research process?

Reflection Instructions

Your reflection is your opportunity to show off how much you have accomplished this quarter, and it should reflect your best work. This assignment is designed to bring together what we have studied this quarter: clarity in organization, style, grammar, punctuation, argument, content, and evidence. Please work on clarity and best writing practices and use the “Checklist for Papers” or your own checklist to revise. Upload your paper on the Reflection link on the Assignments tab on Sakai by the December 13 deadline on the syllabus, unless you want to take an automatic extension explained below.

In a well-written, double-spaced paper of at least 1200 but not more than 2000 words, answer the following three questions with specific points and explanation: What qualities of good writing and research have you learned this quarter that have shaped your writing and research process? What elements of writing are still challenging for you and will you continue to try to develop? How might what you have gained be beneficial in your future professional career? Your responses to these questions could be in whichever order you prefer, but each question must be specifically and clearly addressed with multiple points–not just with one or two statements without explanations.

Your reflection should show your awareness of the significance and qualities of good research and writing and of your own writing process as well as your growth and changes this quarter. Your paper should accomplish this purpose with good content, organization, clarity, and style. This well-written and well-organized reflection should demonstrate best writing practices in its introduction, conclusion, topic sentences, transitions, sentence and word variety, grammar, punctuation, and elements of style. Be as concise and precise as possible. Through content and presentation, your reflection should show that you have become aware of effective academic writing. Using course materials (no outside sources, please, unless you choose to include an outside hook), you should be specific in mentioning areas of growth as well as areas for further development. Be careful to stay focused on your own writing process—telling what you have learned, rather than commenting on the course. Be specific on what you have worked on to improve your academic writing process, instead of what the course covered. The reflection should be written in the first person, but it should be formal in style.

Other Requirements for This Assignment

Ideas that are in the instructor’s handbook and other course materials including Hacker and Strunk and White are considered common knowledge and do not require citation unless you quote a few words or have a specific reference—both of which would be rare since you should be able to explain good writing without having to quote or make a specific reference to a style manual.

You may use a quotation from any of the readings as a hook if you wish, but you do not need to have a hook. You may use an outside source only as a hook, but any quotation must be cited correctly. Any quotations must have good signal phrases and be properly integrated or be correctly blended into a sentence. Include only one or two short quotations; avoid filling your paper with too many or with long quotations. No bibliography is required.

The paper should have an appropriate, original title on the title page and an introduction that includes a stand-alone thesis statement and a road map. The road map listing the points could be part of the thesis statement or a separate sentence.

The total number of paragraphs is your choice, but there should be an introduction paragraph (with a thesis statement and a road map), conclusion paragraph (with a summary and a step beyond), and one or more additional paragraphs for each of the questions. Please adhere to the other organizational aspects of a well-written paper such as topic sentences and transitions. Use well-crafted topic sentences as transitions, rather than subheads. Indent each paragraph.

Anyone who uploads a reflection on Sakai by the December 13 deadline for the reflection will receive a course grade on Python on January 8. Anyone who does not submit the reflection by the deadline of December 13 will receive an automatic extension until January 3. Reflections that come in after the original deadline may not be graded in time for a final grade to be submitted by January 8, which is the instructor’s deadline for submitting either a grade or an Incomplete. Every effort will be made to read all papers in time for the January 8 grade release date. Depending on how many students submit after the December 13 deadline and when students submit, however, some students may receive an Incomplete that would be rectified within the early weeks of the next quarter.

Any paper that is uploaded on Sakai after December 13 also should be emailed to the professor on Outlook and copied on gmail (

No one should be helping you with this reflection; it should be your own work.

Thanks for all the good work that you have done this quarter!

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