Income inequality in South America


  1. Introduction
    • Problem Definition: Income inequality in South America
  • Issue Description: Income inequality in South America has had an adverse effect on the economic welfare of the nation stipulating the need for the revision of tax policies and systems. The tax amendments have been ineffectual in the problem alleviation as evidenced by Peru, as the worst hit nation in the region with regard to the inequality and economic disparities.
  1. Theoretical Framework
  • Origin of the Problem: Peru’s taxation system instituted in the 1960s is retrogressive in nature stemming from the fact that the taxes levied on the nation focused on the creation of horizontal tax equity as opposed to vertical tax equity. Consequently, the rate of income redistribution equality has been very low leading to decreased economic welfare. Additionally, tax has been spread on corporate taxation as opposed to personal incomes that have a higher distributive ability. We will use the Peruvian nation as the case study, since as earlier noted it has the worst case of unequal income distribution.
  1. Literature Review
  • Aims of the Dissertation: Apply past literature on the topic of inequality on the Peruvian nation to determine how the problem can be best alleviated.
  • Objectives of the Dissertation: Focus on the fiscal policy analysis to determine the origin of the problem. Only peer reviewed articles and credible internet sources will be used for information gathering and analysis. Pragmatic recommendations will be offered at the end of the study for implementation towards the alleviation of the income distribution problem in the nation.

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