Individual Portfolio (7 Items and Reflective Essay )

1. this is a UK-based work, please use UK-english style.

2. This portfolio combin with two parts: 7 items need 4100 words in total, the reflective essay need 550 words in total. these word count(4650) does not include reference, content list and appendix.

3. Please find attached file “MAPR Practice Portfolio List Spring 2013″ for the detail information how you work on this portfolio. the 7 items has been seleted for you.

4. please bear in mind the company for this work must be ” ASTON MANOR”

5. I also attahech a file “7 Items and Reflective Essayv(sample work)” for your reference only, this is a sample work, only give you idea for how to structure this work, do not copy this anyway. but all the nessary elements in this sample need to be have in portfolio, inlcude appendix, illustrations, content list and so on.

6. please have 20 full harvard style reference

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