Influencing and Communication

The paper will display:- A discussion of the topic: Influencing and Communication- A discussion of how the topic is shown in an organization: APPLE, INC.- Recommendations to improve Management in the topic area that will contribute to increased productivity in the organization: APPLE, INC.- The benefit of the improvements in the organization: APPLE, INC.This paper will be written in APA format with proper citations.This paper will be 8 pages typewritten, double-spaced, excluding bibliography.A minimum of 7 sources must be cited.Apart from source provided: Modern management: Concepts and skillsChapter 12Certo, S. C., & Certo, S. T. (2016). Modern management: Concepts and skills(Fourteenth Edition. ed.). Boston: Pearson.these can be interviews, other texts, or articles from popular journals. A sample list of appropriate journals and publications includes the following: Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Advanced Management Journal, Harvard Business Review, HR Magazine, Human Resource Management, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, MIT Sloan Management Review, as well as The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal. The majority of your references SHOULD BE EMPIRICAL STUDIES.The paper will develop and display creative and critical thinking, comprehension of field-specific knowledge and information, ability to evaluate theories and studies, written communication of concepts, and information literacy, through use of both print and electronic library databases.

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