Innate and Universal Facial Expressions: Evidence From Developmental and Cross-Cultural Research

HW instruction

Up to 2 single sided (or 1 double-sided) pages double-spaced. This means if you can address everything effectively in one page.  You rock. I will not read more than two pages.

Use size 12 Times New Roman font and one inch margins.  See template for more info


The goal of this assignment is for you to think critically about published research by assessing their methodology, results and conclusions based on the content covered in this course.  Of the two available papers, choose one and respond to the questions below in complete sentences and/or paragraphs.  You will be scored on how well you address each of these questions and how well you organized your thoughts and opinions.  You will also be scored on grammar and legibility.  The questions below do not need to be answered in any particular order and you do not need to format your paper rigidly around these questions.  However, I will be expecting a response to each in some form.  See rubric for more.



Based on your interpretation of the article respond as best you can to the following:

  • ¬ What is the primary hypothesis being explored or tested? Is it a valid hypothesis?
  • ¬ What type of methodology is being used? What are some strengths, weaknesses and things to be mindful of when using this methodology? How well does this study address those?
    • – e.g. survey, experiment, observation
  • ¬ What type of design was used? How well do you feel it addresses their hypothesis?
    • – Between subjects, within subjects, complex or natural groups?
    • – How many/what are the IVs?
    • – What is the DV?
    • – What type of analysis was be used? Do you feel it was it appropriate for the research question?
  • ¬ How well does this study deal with potential confounds? Any confounds not accounted for or addressed in the paper? If so, how could they be addressed?
  • ¬ Do the results support the researchers’ conclusions? Why or why not?
  • ¬ Any additional questions about these findings not addressed in the paper?
  • ¬ Comment critically on the overall paper.  Do you feel convinced these findings are practically important?  Why or why not?


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