International Journal of Human Resource Management.Discuss

A literature review is a discussion of books, articles, and documents. In this case, you will review two (2) academic journal articles. You are free to choose these articles yourself, but they must come from the following list of peer reviewed academic journals:
Human Resource Management Journal
International Journal of Human Resource Management
Work, Employment and Society (WES)
Capital and Class
Employee Relations
Industrial Relations Journal (IRJ)
British Journal of Industrial Relations (BJIR)
Industrial Law Journal (ILJ)
If you find an interesting article in another journal, you MUST get permission from your tutor before using it, or you will be marked down.
You may choose any two articles from within these journals, but the article must be at least 10 pages long (do not choose an editorial or book review), must be recent (published in 2012 or later), and should be chosen to reflect an HRM issue that you find interesting. If you have any doubts about the articles you have selected, you are strongly advised to check with your tutor, as the use of inappropriate articles will result in reduced marks, and could result in you failing this assessment.
Your review should provide the bibliographic details of each article and then write a brief descriptive and evaluative review of those articles. You should provide a brief summary of what the articles are arguing, and then assess or evaluate the articles. In your review, you will be expected to:
critically consider the points of view and evidence presented in the article,
indicate how the article could contribute to your understanding of what a HR
manager does and how their work has changed over time. Remember that the review should be about 400 words for each article.
You will be assessed on your ability to critically analyse the peer reviewed articles you have chosen. In particular this means whether you are able to:
identify the assumptions underlying the articles and evaluate their usefulness to
you as a student
follow a complex argument presented in the articles you choose to discuss
understand the material so that you can build on it in later learning
express your ideas and thoughts clearly
organise the assignment in a coherent fashion
reference correctly.

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