Introduction to teaching

Questions –Assignment 1

Journal 2.1

Loughran notes the problematic nature of teaching. In one large paragraph, explain how questioning, wait time and decision-making relate to this conceptualization of teaching.

Journal 2.2

Taking a concept or topic from your biology, write out a series of between 5-10 steps demonstrating how you would explain this topic/concept using a logical sequence, examples, and resources (e.g. text book, PowerPoint presentation, whiteboard).

Journal 2.3

Choose a topic and prepare six introductory questions for a particular biology subject and year level you will be teaching. Focus on ensuring that these questions provide a foundation for subsequent student learning in that topic.

Journal 2.4

Choose three lead-in activities ( write a statement; a question, problem or quiz; demonstration)  and outline how a biology teacher could incorporate these ideas into the beginning of three lessons.

Journal 2.5

Compare and contrast norm-referenced and standards referenced assessment in 250 words.

Journal 3.1.

Visit the following URL to read a 21st century overview of managing classroom behaviour from the NSW Institute of Teachers.


Briefly outline the major points you have gleaned, from the Unit Text reading and these two sources, with regard to the general area of behaviour management. (One paragraph)

Journal 3.2

Outline two strategies that you will implement when teaching, with regard to each of the following areas:

  • Establishing a positive classroom climate
  • Establishing routines
  • Establishing effective communication channels.

Journal 3.4

Construct a set of basic classroom rules (no more than seven) for a specific grade that you will teach. To what extent would you seek student input into these rules at the beginning of the year?

Journal 3.5

Describe some effective strategies and techniques for:

3.5.1 preventing uncontrolled talking and visiting in class;

3.5.2 enabling students to follow directions more readily;

3.5.3 helping students to complete homework.

Journal 3.6

Reflect on some of the problems faced by boys in the classroom. Describe two strategies that may help boys behave better in class? (one paragraph)

Journal 4.1

Briefly write about what is implied by each of the two goals (one paragraph each):

  1. Australian schooling promotes equity and excellence
  2. All young Australians become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens.

In doing this, consider what has been left out of the goals.

Journal 4.2

How may Christian educators seek to be educationally responsible if ‘knowledge does not exist along a gradient line…many ideas are contested; many others are superseded for a time only to be rediscovered and rethought’?

Journal 4.3

Write a half-page philosophy of education in which you consider the relationship of faith to learning. In doing so, make sure you define both ‘faith’ and ‘learning’.

Journal 5.1

Read Judy Lloyd Yero’s analysis of Eisner’s views on explicit, implicit and null curricula. Access the  website and write thoughts over half a page on selection issues in relation to the curriculum.



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