Investigate the history of slavery and discuss the ways in which this history impacts contemporary society

I have a completed Annotated Bibliography which includes 2 academic scholarly sources. I need 3 academic scholarly sources to be added, to support the introduction and thesis, publication details, and the annotation (see below for examples of each component).

For at least one of the new sources, a scholarly disagreement, conflict, or controversy within the main topic has been singled out for future analysis by the student:, or, the student has intelligently expressed some disagreement with at least one quote ( or the source of the quote), and has provided at least one reason for his/her disagreement. There is a demonstrated intent to analyze the disagreement in more detail as the course project progresses.

Scholarship means that
the author has a Ph.D. or other terminal degree,
the work appears in a multi-volumed, peer-reviewed journal,
and has ample references at the end.
Good annotations
capture publication details,
offer a student introduction and thesis, and
a detailed reading of the source, covering the following:
1. Offers the students introduction and thesis to the best extent s/he knows it at this point in time,
2. Summarizes key points, and
3. identifies key terms (using quotation marks, and citing a page in parentheses);
4. Locates controversies or problems raised by the articles;
5. States whether the student agrees or disagrees and gives reasons;
6. Locates one or two quotations to be used in the final research project; and
7. Evaluates the ways in which this article is important and has helped the student to focus his/her understanding.

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