Prepare a two (2) page reaction paper regarding the practicality of implementing a sound performance feedback evaluation process within an organization.

Reading Assignment

Best Practices (p. 258 – 277)

During your reading, additional time should be spent on gaining an understanding of the following terms: performance feedback, 360 evaluations, motivation, and manageable changes.

Unit 8- Reaction Paper
Prepare a two (2) page reaction paper regarding the practicality of implementing a sound performance feedback evaluation process within an organization. This will be inclusive of realizing the necessity of providing support, along with positive examples of leadership, and establishing manageable expectations. This cannot be a general type of training function and must be adapted for the individual. In order for this performance feedback to be effective it has to fit your personal interests, resources, and personal goals. The final piece of this reaction paper should focus on the relevance of creating an evaluation process that will look at pre and post performance improvement in both group and individual dynamics.
Demonstrate in your analysis your comprehension of the following terms: performance feedback, self-reflection, motivation, and evaluations.

(The reaction papers provide an opportunity to analyze, synthesize and evaluate the lessons/textbook chapters contained in the particular objective and address the specific learning objective/s stated in the individual unit. These reaction papers are two pages in length, utilizing APA format and should contain at least one (1) professional citation from a sound resource that further substantiates the position of the student and are to be completed using MS Word 2003.

I am a substitute teacher professional in a public school in an inner city, therefore the writer must incorporate DETAILS in relation to my profession with regards to what the assignment is asking for. My interest is to become a Licensed teacher in which I am also studying for an upcoming Praxis test in addition to my graduate program. My graduate program, for which this paper is needed, is a program in human resource training and development. My goals are to finish my graduate program and pass my Praxis exam then enter into an alternative teaching program for 1 year program to acquire my Certificate of Advanced Standing, CEAS, to become a licensed teacher. My goals is to teach for a while and become apart of the schools child study team. My long term goals is to also open up an early learning child day care center. I am also married with a 15 year old child so my interest involves my family bonding and quality time. I am also a part of a public speaking and leadership club called toastmasters to improve my leadership skills and public speaking skills. Please incorporate DETAILS relating to my organization inadditon to the above mentioned interest and goals. The writer must not forget to relate detailed information pertaining to my professional organization as a substitute teacher in addition to the above goals and interest that I mentioned with regards to the context of what the reaction paper is requesting. I will upload all the necessary files soon including reading material and a sample of what the reaction paper must look like.

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