Jesus and the Gospel Task

Jesus and the Gospel Task


Presentation report

Time management is an important attribute of a student; therefore, on the day of my presentation, I arrived early to ensure that I familiarized myself with the environment and thereby compose my self. More so, I had some sufficient time to rehearse.

I carried out my presentation while standing and I was very relaxed. I began my presentation with an impeccable introduction that effectively caught the attention of the audience. Through the introduction, I informed the audience what my presentation was all about. My voice projection was good in efforts to ensure that all my diverse audience clearly understands me, even though my accent is not properly developed. I ensured that I did not shout so that not to intimidate my audience. In addition, I had switched off my mobile phone so that not get distracted or distract my audience. I used simple words and terms that are essential in intercultural communication. I used body language through body movement along with eye contact as a non-verbal aid of communication. The eye contact was critical in guarantying the audience that I was sensitive to their reactions. The body movement which entailed hands movement and eye contact/ gestures was critical in making certain that each member of the audience had a feeling that his/ her needs were being addressed.

I stuck to my points while explaining each terminology, besides answering to the question the clients asked through non-verbal responds. I ensured that audience remained relaxed as well as my body language. I used my paper work to complement my presentation, and the audience seemed to appreciate it. I concluded my presentation well, and appreciated my audience. Although I felt that my presentation was perfect and within the time limit, I am working hard to improve my accent to improve the performance of my future presentation.


Jesus and the Gospel Task

The Gospel of John is among the principle books of the scriptures recommended for both beginners and those who have studied the scriptures extensively. It is a valuable book of the scriptures that gives the reader a memorable experience. The author of the book remains debatable to date as he is simply referred as “the disciple who Jesus loved” (John 13: 23). More so, the date in which the book was composed is not commonly agreed by many scholars. The main purpose of the book is to emphasize on deity of Jesus Christ. Even though other gospels stresses on the divinity of Jesus, the Gospel of John goes a step further. In respect to the public ministry the book focuses on miracles and ministry of Jesus, whereas in regards to private ministry, the Gospel of John pays critical attention to Jesus teaching his disciples and of events of his death, burial, and subsequent resurrection. The display Jesus as Son of God through usage of the phrase “I Am” (John 6:35; 8:24; 8:58; 10:11; 11:25), among others .The purpose of this essay is to discuss the occasion that led to the composition of the gospel of john and how the author attempt to resolve the problem.

The Gospel of John differs with other gospels in many ways. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus is portrayed as Son of God whereas he is portrayed as King, teacher, and servant according to the gospel of Mathew, Luke, and Mark respectively. The initial readers of the Gospel of John are called the church, whereas they are called Jews, Greeks, and Romans in reference to the gospel of Mathew, Luke and Mark respectively. The key saying in the Gospel of John is believe, whereas the it is Kingdom of heaven, Son of Man, and immediately, according to the gospel of Mathew, Luke and Mark respectively.  While major segment of the Gospel of John focal point is the teachings of Jesus, the gospel of Mathew, Luke, and Mark center of attention are sermon, parables and miracles respectively.

The first three gospels are referred to as the synoptic gospels. While synoptic gospels focus on Jesus ministry in Galilee, focusing on Kingdom inheritance, uses many short phrases of Jesus while discussing about the future inheritance, the Gospel of John pays critical attention on ministry of Jesus in Judea, focuses on Jesus teaching in Judea, does little discussion the future inherence and gives along discussion about Jesus sayings, while paying critical concentration on inheritance of the eternal life. Thus is imperative to note that Gospel of John differs and shares similarities with other gospels to a certain extent in regards to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The purpose for writing the Gospel of John is very clear. In a very impeccable way, the author writes “But these things have been written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that, by believing, you might have life in his name” (John 20: 31). It is important to note manner in which the major verb ‘believe’ is frequently used in this respective verse. These critical words reveal that Paul is evangelizing to a group of Gentile believers to uphold their faith. Otherwise, Paul could also be evangelizing to a group of Roman who are mainly unbelievers, thus persuade them to believe in the Son of God (John 1: 15). Thus, the major role of the Gospel of John revolves around strengthening, or confirming to the believers or non-believers respectively about the importance of believing in Son of God in order to inherit the eternal life. Lastly, upon realizing that the synoptic gospels had focused so much about the life of Jesus and other external factors, the author of the Gospel of John decided to invest in writing a spiritual book which is very different and unique from other initial gospels.

A close examination of the Gospel of John reveals that the book was written in three compositions. The first focuses on Jews who are considered non-believers of Jesus Christ teachings, the second phase focuses on Jewish being unbelievers despite of the sign of healing the blind man by Jesus (John 9:1–10), and the third is the plot to take the life of Jesus Christ. The other though composition focuses on the death of Peter. This gospel was a kind of a diary that John had contact with Jesus Christ. The Gospel of John lacks a well defined prologue and the epilogue appears to be on Chapter 21, which revolves around the death of Peter. Thus upon the death of Peter, the other apostle found it necessary to elaborate to the Paul’s Churches about their perception of Paul’s gospel. As Peter wrote the first and second letter, John was finalizing chapter 20 of Gospel of John. However, upon the arrest of Peter, the apostles knew that they were going to lose another apostle, but did not want to lose their faith. More so, they know the arrest and subsequent death of Peter was in accordance to Jesus prediction, hence within God’s Sovereignty.

The Gospel of John was therefore written following the death of Peter, thus John giving Paul’s churches the gospel.  In one can agree about the early date of composition of the Gospel of John, them one can concur that John was linking between the death of Peter and Paul’s churches through taking the residence in Ephesus. The Gospel of John was written as an endorsement of Paul’s efforts and Paul’s gospel to his churches.

Although the Gospel of John differs with other gospels, it shares a great similarity in that, along with other gospels, they revolve around the life of Jesus Christ. However, the greatest disparity between the Gospel of John and the synoptic gospels is its focus on deity of Christ. It begin with declaration of evangelist (John 1:1), and ends with doubting Thomas’ appearance of faith. The book lacks some principle factors evident in the synoptic books such as the Transfiguration, and Sermon on the Mountain among others; however it is able to reveal Jesus as Son of God, through such statements such as ‘I am’ that many times, among others.




The Bible, King James Version.



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