Jesus in

For the first few weeks of the semester, we focused on looking at the canonical gospels (Mark, Matthew, Luke, John) and their unique depictions of Jesus. Choose two of these gospels, and select one or two passages from each, in order discuss some of the similarities and differences you see between their accounts of Jesus. How do you make sense of these differences? What do you think the author is trying to convey?Hint: It might make your job easier to pick passages that are shared, to some degree, between these sources. So, for example, the Gospel and Matthew and the Gospel of Luke each have the “Blessed are the…” passages, but they occasionally tweak the message: Luke says “Blessed are you who are poor” (Luke 6:20) while Matthew says “Blessed are the poor in spirit [pneuma]” (Matthew 5:3). What kind of Jesus emerges in light of these differences? We also looked at a few gospel parallels in class that you might like to revisit.

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