Summary of the article

The article attempts to establish whether the ideas about women and the stereotype still prevail in the current society. The article gives overview of the myths originating from diverse geographical locations, which presents women are mysterious and evil.  The men fought with them, for many years, even though the women are tender and caring. In most of the religions, women are portrayed as the instigators of sin. In the Hindu religion, a female character Menka is successful in her mission of seduction, which represented her as a treacherous woman. The Hindu matriarchal mythology portrays the existence of evil Goddesses. This article discusses the different ways through which women are the archetypes that encloses the evil in the society[1]. The women are vessels, seen as sacred beings that ensure the progression of life on earth, through child birth.

In the society, women face challenges as they exemplify pillars of walled gardens that need maintenance from someone else. These qualities identify a woman as sexual material, versed with tenderness and softness that yield sweetness.   In the bible, the women are the causes of downfall of man. Biblically, the Hebrew traditions, it is challenging to identify the role of women in the interpretation of the divine voice.  For example, Eve is an example of deception and instigator of sin. Some of the women received prophetic maternity bearing children carrying narrative covenant. Though the process of childbirth is unclean state from the ritual exclusion, it continued the relationship between God and man. Although they have a calling to be mothers, they carry the interpretation of the traditional patriarchal preference society.

Synopsis of how the article fits within the scope of “The Challenge of Matriarchy.”

The article identifies the common characteristics of the myths describing the challenges faced by the matriarchal society. The article further identifies whether the ideas still prevail in the current society, because all the myths described agree on the historical existence of the matriarchal societies in the past. However, all the articles considered women as evil natured and deceptive. Therefore, men gained control over the society establishing a patriarchal society through brutal violence. For instance, one of the myths from the pre-historical era identified women as a second grade status with respect of religion. The women were barred from knowledge and technology. However, the facts about myths exist in the society, passed over centuries to one generation to another. Therefore, the myths are constantly liable for stereotyping in a number of ways.

Religion, literature and media ideology represents women as a mysterious deceptive group in the current society.  Some of the historic facts attach women to issues of witchcraft, is one of the evidence of the existing challenge. The evidences exist in the Puritan era, Victorian era and within the activities of the modern media. In the modern society, women have backward position at work, education and in the advancement of technology. Violence against women is common in the society, exemplified by the increasing cases of rape, wife battering and depiction of women as second in leadership roles. All these are evidences for the challenges of matriarchy in the society, which still prevails in the modern society.


Hossain, Dewan Mahboob, “Do the ideas of the ‘myths of matriarchy’ prevail in the modern world?”, Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce, (2013), Vol. 4, Issue no. 2, available at



[1]. Dewan, Hossain, Mahboob, “Do the ideas of the ‘myths of matriarchy’ prevail in the modern world”, Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce, (2013), Vol. 4, Issue no. 2.

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