Killer Whales ” In Captivity , or Entertainment purposes.”Discuss

This paper is for my Journalism class and could find no headings for this in your options. Anyway, I want to start with saying that you must read the instructions that I uploaded before you start. One is the instructions, one is the editorial already done and the other one is an interview. So PLEASE use some things from these papers and READ the instructions. I also want to start the story from the beginning of whale killing for oil use back in the old days and then bring it current to the whales being used for entertainment purposes and the eventual shut down of the San diego Shamu stadium and the reason is because of the “blackfish” documentary. Am hoping one of your writers has seen this film as there is much information that they could use from it. Please also watch podcasts from the NOAA website as I have gotten several things from there and it will be plagiarism free.

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