Lab Report, Biology

We performed a sea urchins experiment in the lab by injecting both males and females urchins with potassium chloride to induce them to release eggs and sperms. we then separated the the eggs from the sperm. My group was supposed tp perform the experiment using Na+ free. we had four different test tubes
1st PLATE= Normal fertilization of sea urchins and observe the stages of fertilization at different hours
2nd PLATE= (Positive control) Na+ free added to fertilized egg, no UV light, no sunglasses
3rd Plate= (Negative Control) Na+ free under UV Light, and sunglasses
4th Plate= no Na+ free but under UV light, with sunglasses
Added on 14.09.2016 12:43
I have attached my results. for each but i couldn\”t take pictures of all my results. And also i have attached the lab manual as well.
Instruction files

image2-1.jpg(1,31 MiB)
image2-2.jpg(1,35 MiB)
image1.jpg(2,05 MiB)
image2-3.jpg(1,27 MiB)
image1-3.jpg(1,22 MiB)
image1-1.jpg(1,38 MiB)
image2.jpg(1,31 MiB)
image1-2.jpg(1,62 MiB)
tyler_labmanual_complete_2010.pdf(2,94 MiB)

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