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paper about the T-MOBILE attack cyber attack ( The telecom operator T-Mobile US, American subsidiary of the German Deutsche Telekom, announced on Thursday that the personal data of 15 million of its subscribers had been stolen during a cyber-attack at the home of one of its sub-contractors.)
try to relate the topic with the National Cyber Security Strategies of the country ( usa).
i uploded with the instructions some pages about the NCSS of usa.
Length: 2-3 pages.
Weight: 100% of your final grade (Pass/Fail)
Literature: The paper must be written according to academic writing standards
Added on 14.09.2016 16:45
use the attached files for relate the topic to the NCSS
Instruction files

usa2015.pdf(391,22 KiB)
usa.pdf(946,54 KiB)
usa3.pdf(1,52 MiB)
usa2.pdf(710,50 KiB)
usa20150.pdf(391,22 KiB)

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