Lab Report, Physics (including Earth and space sciences

Each week you do a lab experiment and submit eScience lab sheets and a 1-paragraph Learning Summary. So you do this for every lab. However, for one lab of your choice, you will also go through an interactive process of submission and feedback to submit a Mastery Lab Report that is scored using the General Rubric. You can start this process anytime that you want, usually around Week 4. The sooner you start, the more feedback opportunities you will have. The intent is that you take the work that you have already done and mold that into an excellent product that demonstrates your maximum learning. You might wish to re-do your eScience lab sheets for your selected Mastery Lab Report if you think those can be improved based upon your review of your colleagues work as well as your information gathering.

All relevant information/documents are found in the Quick Access to Course Requirements and Forms section of the Syllabus. The two documents related to this assignment are: 1) Laboratory Expectations and 2) Mastery Lab Report Format

The relevant text in those documents are below:

Sometime during the term, you will select one lab of your choice, except Introduction to Science, and complete a Mastery Lab Report, that will be evaluated by the General Rubric. You will have the option to continue to receive feedback on your submission and to enhance your understanding and product until the end of Week 7. The goal is for you and I to work together to move you to mastery and submission of a high quality lab product. After your first submission, I will evaluate your product via the General Rubric. You will then take the result of that evaluation to improve in the areas noted and resubmit. We will continue this process until you decide to stop submitting or we reach the end of Week 7.

See the Mastery Lab Report Format document to help guide your work and to help you address all categories of the General Rubric.

Additionally, the goal of the Mastery Lab Report is to give you time to properly construct a well written lab product. The eScience Lab sheets and the Learning Summary provide a good mechanism for documenting that you did the lab and responded to the questions, plus did a little reflection on the content; however, they do not provide you the opportunity to actually produce an integrated product that represents what folks in science actually do to communicate results.

You only select one lab because we only have 8 weeks and this type of work does not lend itself to a one week timeframe. You get to resubmit multiple times so that there is little to no pressure, you can get feedback, and get accustomed to the General Rubric that is used to evaluate the final product. You also get to take advantage of the Sharing areas. You get to select the lab so that you have some choice and we know that choice can be motivating. I do want you to be able to demonstrate mastery and that takes time, effort, reflection, and revision.

Will attach lab and rubric!
Instruction files

mastery_lab_report_format_2_.docx(19,30 KiB)

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