Lack of adherence to usability testing standards for electronic health record products.

The article instructions:
1. Health Information Technology Articles – these articles must be about Computer Applications in Healthcare (technology related articles in healthcare).
2. Typed paper – two (2) page summary of the article (paraphrased); double spaced; TimesRoman 12pt. font; typed in Microsoft Word or saved in a Rich Text File (rtf); 1 inch margins.
3. Article summary and a copy of the original article must be submitted in a PDF file together as one attachment. Locate articles that are already in a PDF format. If you do not have this type of software, you can copy the article in a word document and save. If you copy the article in a word document, please delete all of the symbols etc. that are attached when you copy information from the Internet.
4. Save HITC articles as lastname_HITC and the number of the article (example McNair_HITC1). Paraphrase – Do not plagiarize following which three (3) HITC terms from the article will be defined at the bottom of the article.
5. Cite where article was retrieved at the bottom of the summary in the current version of the APA style of writing. Please remember that you must cite your reference within the summary as well – if not it is a form of plagiarism.
6. **Do not copy and paste article summary in the submission space. If article is copied and pasted in the submission block, no credit will be given. Any article summary submitted in this manner will not receive any credit for the article.**
7. Use peer review articles from reputable journals pertaining to Health Information Technology.
8. Dates when Health Information Technology articles are due is listed on the course syllabus. Please know that no HIT article will be accepted via the Instructor’s email or after the due date. No exceptions. Do not use Wikipedia website. This is not an accepted academic website.
Important Notice: No menu tab will be reopened if you submit your article to the wrong menu tab or if you submit wrong information. Please pay careful attention to the submission and make sure that the summary and a copy of the original article are submitted together as attachments to the correct menu tab listed below. For example, if you are submitting HITC Article #5, make sure that the summary is submitted under HITC #5. All HITC Article menu tabs are all open. Please pay careful attention to the dates the tabs will close in Canvas.

The article is located at

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