Leading with Agility.Discuss

Title: Leading with Agility

Since the industrial revolution, the world has changed rapidly and most aspects of society continue to evolve. Consider how society, education, or business has changed in your lifetime. Keeping abreast of new theories, products, technologies, current events, and how they influence organizations can be challenging for leaders. However, leading during volatile times can be effectively addressed through agile leadership. The ability to thrive in difficult situations, the desire to constantly accumulate knowledge, and the yearning to experiment with new concepts or ideas these are just a few of the characteristics of an agile leader.

For this essay, respond to the following questions:

-What attributes do you personally need to develop in order to become a more agile leader?
-How is being agile important in creating a learning organization?
-How can you, as a leader, help to cultivate other agile leaders?
-What do you believe is the greatest challenge of developing and communicating solutions in a volatile environment?

Will attach these 3 References.

-Building the learning organization: Mastering the five elements for corporate learning (PDF) – Chapter 8, “Becoming a Learning Organization”

-Joiner, B. (2009). Guide to agile leadership. Industrial Management, 51(2), 1015.
Retrieved from Business Source Premier database
In this article, the author defines and suggests tips for developing and employing “agile” leadership within organizations. Focus on the defining characteristics of agile leadership, the examples given of leadership in action, and the tools for assessing your own level of leadership agility.

-Ryan, J. (2009). Learning agility equals leadership success. Retrieved from http://www.businessweek.com
Retrieved from Business Source Premier database
This brief article discusses the importance of learning agility. The author presents strategies for cultivating agile learning, such as looking for challenges, using constructive feedback, and developing a commitment to learning.

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