Legislation Paper

41. LEGISLATION DEVELOPMENT: Each student is to provide a detail desrption of one of the following new laws passed in the 2016session of the Georgia General Assemblyaddressing violence prevention such as anti-stalking, rape, child molestation, aggravate assault, teen dating violence, victim impact statements, restorative justice, carrying of Tasers on campus, etc.Adetail desrptionmust include the followingsponsors, history, committee assignments, amendments, a reconciliation of the different versions of the bill before a final vote, the vote for each house and the date the Governor signed the bill, the effective date of the bill, similar laws already in effect, U.S. and/or Georgia Supreme Court cases related to the issue,who benefits, ifanyone, and the impact onthe criminal justice community as well as the impact on the African American community, and any public policy analysis. The paper should be between five and eight pages. A works cited page must be included. Please attach the legislative tracking page to the paper. ( the law is House Bill 152 – Michaels Law) All assignments must have a works cited/referencepage in APA format and is properlydocumented within the written assignment

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