legislative priority from the legislative initiatives for 2011

a scholarly paper, written in the third person which describes the bill (New York state)Include title of bill and appropriate Assembly and/or Senate number. Describe the bill, and the implications history that pertains to nursing, patients and society (including information about the legislative process and sponsor), significance of legislation, literature review (at least five sources), and conclusion

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Helpful Tips:
•Description: Include title of bill and appropriate Assembly and/or Senate number. Describe the bill, and the implications. Please do not copy and paste the entire bill from a website. Use your own words and paraphrase, support with quotations when necessary.
•History: what landmark event prompted this legislation if any, how long ago was bill introduced? Where is the bill currently in the legislative process, what is happening, what’s next? Information about the bill sponsor should be included in this section. This portion of the paper is not to be an autobiography of the chosen sponsor(s). Necessary information such as sponsor identification, district, and party is important.
•Significance: you should consider why this bill is important to nursing, to patients, to society, who does the bill benefit, any exclusions?
•Literature review: using a minimum of three sources to support why this topic is important. For example, if you are looking at safe staffing- what does the literature indicate about this, what research studies have been done. The literature review will support the legislation.
•Conclusion: what’s important and why, what is the summary of the literature? Continue to write in third person.
•Use your APA text, course resources, and feedback from the instructor throughout the term to compose an exemplar paper.

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