Psychology article analysis

Include the following in your essay – Remember to expand your ideas into full, clearly written sentences and paragraphs.

1. Provide the main ideas of the article.

2. What is the article’s purpose? (examples – give new information, try to convice the reader, give a glimpse into someone’s life, etc?)

3. How does the article explain the field of psychology? Is it a favorable or unfavorable view? Are psychologists portrayed as good or bad? important or unimportant?

4. Analyze the article in terms of the following – explain why? and how?
Does the article have a specific viewpoint? What is it?
Does it present reasonable information? How does it do so? (example – who is mentioned, who is interviewed?)
Is the information believable? Why or why not?
Is the information persuasive? Were you persuaded to change opinion after reading?

5. What information would you have liked the article to additionally include? In other words, what might the article have left out?

Be sure that your paper includes the correct reference format for the article.
Please include the a link for the article.

For a television show, provide the name of the program, channel, date and time aired, and a link, if there is one.

When I grade papers, I will be looking for:
Did you answer all the relevant questions?
Did you include a review of the article as well as an analysis?
Were your responses thorough and well thought out?

Did you write with clarity using good grammar and spelling?
Is your article current – after September 1, 2013?

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