Literary Adaptation Treatment and Analysis.

In this assignment we have to adapt a story to a movie
I have a specific outline
It is not an essay, but it is headlines and paragraphs.

The story that I have to adapt is “The key” by Vo Phien
I will attach the story

I have created my adaptation with is radical from the story and I have started to write my movie summary but YOU CAN CHANGE IT if you think it is way different from the story as a radical translation! YOU CAN ALSO DEVELOP THE MOVIE STORY MORE AND MORE!

This is what I’ve written so far:
The story is about a Qatari diver who is part of the diving members. He goes and practices pearl finishing activity in order to secure his familys life and provide their living. In older days, they usually leave their families for a long time more than three months and cannot guarantee their return. Ahmed, the pearl fisher, left his home and family and sail to collect pearls. His wife was worried about him and did not want him to leave her alone, they were just married.
Ahmed was forced to leave to build his family and support them. His first journey was tough and he faced a lot of troubles. It took 5 months and he returned back safely with a lot of pearl collection.
One month later, he was informed about his second journey to India where they will spend longer time overseas. At the same time, his wife told him about her pregnancy. This news made him to be closer to his wife and take care of her. He was forced to join the snorkeling trip. He kept a bag with his wife contains pearls and AlDana which is the most expensive pearl type. This will safe his wife and son/daughters life when she gives a birth.
Ahmed left his family and joined the ship. He started to chat with his friend Ali and told him happily about his wife pregnancy and the pearl bag that he left for her baby.
When he started to arrange his luggage, his opened one bag contains pearls which looks exactly as the one he gave to his wife. Once he opened it he found out that it was the wrong bag and he had forgotten to leave Aldana pearl in the right bag. The trauma and guilt started from that point where he knew about his mistake and started to shout out till everyone surrounded him and tried to calm him down. He started to tell his friends the story and imagine his wifes situation without the pearl bag because he knew she would need it one day.
During his journey, he has never forgotten the mistake he has done and never stopped thinking about his wife and the baby. Whenever he collects pearls he starts to remember the pearl bag that he forgot to leave.


Point of view:
Plot lines:
What happens in the story:

-Integral Meaning:

-Visual Storytelling:

Narrative structure:
Camera work:
Symbols, motifs:
(In this section we can write about another movie in real life that looks like what is in my movie)

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