What are the bioethical issues involved with the differing status of women and children?Explain

This is not a subjective paper. You are an informed individual with knowledge obtained throughout this course. You are to apply your bioethical critical thinking skill by writing an objective paper on a bioethical issue. Choose three (3) of the following five (5) questions to answer. -In order to advance medicine and science, human beings are participants in experiments involving therapeutic drugs and other treatments. Please describe how did the treatment of the 200 Nigerian children in the meningitis study differs from the participation of Tobias in the asthma study? What are the bioethical principles involved in these cases? – We have become more successful supporting and maintaining life for premature babies who would not normally survive outside the uterus. Please describe the positive and negative aspects of this ability. What are the bioethical principles involved in these cases? – The case study, An Affair of the Demented, describes a relationship between two adults in a nursing home. There are staff who approve of the relationship and staff who do not approve. The children of the man approve of the relationship and the children of the woman do not. Are there any ethical, legal or moral reasons to interfere with the relationship? What are the bioethical principles involved in this case? – Both Karen Ann Quinlan and Terri Schiavo suffered events that led to their being declared in a persistent vegetative state. Ultimately the decision was made by their caregivers to remove life support systems. In these cases whose responsibility is it to make the decision? Why were these decisions controversial? What bioethical principles are involved in these cases? Would health care proxy statements have an effect in these types of cases? Why or why not? – The status of women and children in their respective societies may determine access to health care. What are the bioethical issues involved with the differing status of women and children? Should the bioethical values of one society be imposed upon another? Why or why not? Your answers should be between 1-2 pages in length

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