Literature Review: Strategic Management Process in Small Business

The paper will be written in APA format, will be at least 11 pages in
length (not including the title page, abstract, and references), will have a maximum Safe Assign score of 16%, will not consist of more than 15% direct quotations, and will utilize at least 8 scholarly references. The final format will be:

I will do the title page myself, do not worry about that.


Introduction: no longer than one page

Findings: at least 9 pages

Conclusions and Recommendations: at least 2 pages

At least 8 sources


•    Be specific and be succinct. Briefly state specific findings listed in an article, specific methodologies used in a study, or other important points. Literature reviews are not the place for long quotes or in depth analysis of each point.

•    Be selective. You are trying to boil down a lot of information into a small space. Mention just the most important points (i.e. those most relevant to the review’s focus) in each work you review.

•    Is it a current article? How old is it? Have its claims, evidence, or arguments been superceded by more recent work? If it is not current, is it important for historical background?

•    What specific claims are made? Are they stated clearly?

•    What support is given for those claims?

•    What evidence and what type (experimental, statistical, anecdotal, etc) are offered? Is the evidence relevant? Sufficient?

•    What arguments are given? What assumptions are made, and are they warranted?

•    A word of caution: It is absolutely essential that you understand your article.

•    If you do not understand the article do not use it.

•    Also, do not depend on the abstract or the conclusion for a full understanding of what the article says. You can often be misled

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