Literature Review: Strategic Management Process in Small Business

Words: 22
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

The paper will be written in APA format, will be at least 11 pages in
length (not including the title page, abstract, and references), will have a maximum Safe Assign score of 16%, will not consist of more than 15% direct quotations, and will utilize at least 8 scholarly references. The final format will be:

I will do the title page myself, do not worry about that.


Introduction: no longer than one page

Findings: at least 9 pages

Conclusions and Recommendations: at least 2 pages

At least 8 sources


•    Be specific and be succinct. Briefly state specific findings listed in an article, specific methodologies used in a study, or other important points. Literature reviews are not the place for long quotes or in depth analysis of each point.

•    Be selective. You are trying to boil down a lot of information into a small space. Mention just the most important points (i.e. those most relevant to the review’s focus) in each work you review.

•    Is it a current article? How old is it? Have its claims, evidence, or arguments been superceded by more recent work? If it is not current, is it important for historical background?

•    What specific claims are made? Are they stated clearly?

•    What support is given for those claims?

•    What evidence and what type (experimental, statistical, anecdotal, etc) are offered? Is the evidence relevant? Sufficient?

•    What arguments are given? What assumptions are made, and are they warranted?

•    A word of caution: It is absolutely essential that you understand your article.

•    If you do not understand the article do not use it.

•    Also, do not depend on the abstract or the conclusion for a full understanding of what the article says. You can often be misled