marketing plan


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  1. Executive Summary: Focus on the major market opportunity and the key elements of the marketing plan that are designed to capitalize on the opportunity. Included in this section is a brief introduction, the major aspects of the marketing plan, and a budget statement.


Possible Points:  10                                                             Points Received:________


  1. Introduction: Discusses the purpose of the report, how it is organized, and what will be covered in the subsequent sections.  For new products, this section explains the product concept and why it is expected to be successful.  For existing products, the major focus is on the brand’s performance in the last 3-5 years.  Use of charts and graphs to illustrate performance.


Possible Points:  10                                                             Points Received:________


  1. Situation Analysis: Focuses on the most critical and relevant information that will affect the success or failure of the proposed plan.  Discussion of the competitive environment/competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, and other environmental factors.


Possible Points:  20                                                             Points Received:________


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