Coefficients Standard Error

2) Conduct a regression analysis to determine if age (independent variable) has any effect on the number of alcoholic beverages someone consumes in one month. State what you are testing and what the x (independent) and y (dependent) variables are. Test for correlation and explain the regression results, if necessary.

What we are testing:
Test for correlation and explain results:

Coefficients Standard Error LCL UCL t Stat p-level H0 (2%) rejected?
Intercept 3.56804 4.22074 -8.65717 15.79326 0.84536 0.42247 No
Y 0.0955 0.12571 -0.26861 0.45962 0.75971 0.46922 No
T (2%) 2.89646
LCL – Lower value of a reliable interval (LCL)
Analysis: Given the chart above R2 is positive and close to 1 thus, it shows us that ETOH consumption increases with age.

Q: did you get a chance to do the variables for question 2 adewale? i only see the variables for question 1 for the vitamins

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