Mental Illness and Society.Explain

After surveying all of the many facets and aspects of the Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care, select a specific topic that interests you and for which you intend to write a 5 page paper (not including references). Yes, your paper will be succinct. The primary requirements are that your papers be • logical (i.e., that you provide evidence to back up your assertions) and • sociological (i.e., that you discuss how social groups/processes/structures help explain why such-and-such happened, what it meant, and why it is important). • Also you will adopt a critical approach as detailed in our text. As our author Weitz (2013) encourages, “The critical approach…means using the ‘sociological imagination’ to question previously taken-for-granted aspects of social life…emphasize recent research that questions all…assumptions…(and) pays more attention to the broader experience of illness” (p.xvi-xvii). While I do want to learn your views on the topic, I expect a solid overview with references. You will include references correctly in APA, with appropriate in-text citations

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