Physical Education among special needs.Explain

For your final paper, you will build on all the previous papers of the course to consider in depth the discipline you have chosen to study. As freshmen (most of you) you are still outsiders to this chosen discipline and, in most cases, have some critical distance from the pressing issues and problems that confront it. Mostly disciplines, or discourse communities as they are sometimes called, are formed around a problem that confronts the community, university, or society at large. For this paper, you will research your chosen discipline and identify a pressing issue that the people in that chosen field are working to address/answer/correct. You must clearly identify and explain the issue, as well as describe the steps your discipline is taking to address it, and finally you will suggest whether this is the most effective direction for the discipline to take. Often there are several distinct groups of scholars working on any given problem, and often they do not agree with one another. Your job, in this case, is to clearly identify both sides of the issue and to analytically show which course of action/research, if any, is more effective

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