My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

  1. Ethically Addressing Misinformation

Misinformation occurs when inaccurate or false info is distributed unintentionally. Ethically, misinformation is considered wrong unless it is being used to deliver a message or address an issue. When a major form of entertainment is used to misinform the public, there are concerns that are raised. Ethical dilemmas occur when a mental conflict arises between moral imperatives. The conflicts are often in a way where when one obeys one imperative the other one is transgressed. Ethical theories are the ideas on which most guiding principles are based on. The theories attempt to be systematic and coherent in a bid to answer practical ethical questions.

The main theory portrayed in the movie is the theory of ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is the way in which a person looks at the world from the perspective of his or her own ethnic culture. It entails the viewing of one’s own ethnic group or culture as superior and most important than any other. From the movie, the Greek family believes it has aspects that are uniquely valuable. This is seen clearly when the protagonist’s father praises their Greek culture saying that almost all the words are derived from the Greek language (Miller, Vandome & McBrewster, 2010).

The assumption of finality in communication in the movie is another dominant theory. The theory suggests that there is a final word in the statement of a person or one of the parties in a communication process. The party usually believes that by making a particular statement, the topic of discussion should be ended forthwith, or there is finality in his/her words. In the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, Toula’s father believes that once he has made a decision concerning the family, there are no two ways about it and his decision is final. For instance, Toula’s father believes that Toula should marry a Greek man and a Greek man only. When Toula ends up falling for a non-Greek man, her father cannot understand how such a thing can happen.

  1. Values Exposed in Entertainment Distortion

Distortion is an art form used in music especially with the musical instrument, guitar. The effect is carried out by distorting the original sound of instruments to create a different desired sound. The most common and subtle types of distortion create a feel of an added thickness to the original tone of music. For instance, the method is used in the electric blues music genre. Distortion was first used as an effect in the sixties. The method then evolved to be used in the eighties by the creation of a pedal, known as a well, that was stepped on to create the effect. The most recent use of the effect involves an instrument known as a fuzz box that is used to create a signal interference that significantly changes the waveform.

The artistic use of distortion in music happens in a specified targeted way. Its application is done selectively in areas where it is required and desired. The effect plays a very huge role in modern music particularly in the rock, jazz, blues and pop music genres. Originally, the distortion used to happen in a way where musicians used to try to coax more diverse sound and volume out of their amplifiers than the machines could handle, or were designed to deliver. The flaw then became an asset since the producers realized that if the distortion was handled well it would give the instruments a harmonic rich and controllable sound that was better than what the normal guitar could play (Montabone, 2010).

  1. Entertainment Social Responsibility

The social responsibility in entertainment represents the due care the entertainers take on the people. This care is meant to make the entertainers not publish illicit material, watch the message they deliver to the people and help the young members of the society through their message. The care is important since most people tend to live like their favorite star in the entertainment scene. This includes genres of entertainment like, mostly music, movies and fashion. People often create opinions shaped and based on entertainment. The view of a society can also be based on the opinions created by entertainers. Politicians are nowadays regarded as celebrities and entertainers of sorts and most people tend to emulate them. The message that might be passed on by these entertainers is taken very seriously by their protégés and those who look up to them (Nijholt, Reidsma, & Hondorp, 2009).

This is the reason why entertainers have a social responsibility to take care of what they do, say or how they act since the actions they do might be mimicked by many people who look up to them out there. The entertainers also have a responsibility towards the young population of the world. This responsibility is in terms of inspiring the young to follow positive paths and stay away from crime. From the movie, the ethical social responsibility that should be addressed concerns the ethnic superiority by some ethnic groups. The Greek family from the movie considered themselves superior to an extent of viewing other cultures as obsolete. This was the reason Toula was not allowed to marry from any other ethnic group. However, she went ahead and fell in love with an American man whom she brought home and after a push and shove with her family, they agreed for him to marry their daughter. The ethical social responsibility here is to communicate to the society to waive such customs in their ethnic backgrounds and to allow free socialization.






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