Nursing Care of Special Populations.Discuss

In order to do this essay you should follow those instruction:
1- the essay must be in APA format.( APA information: http://owl.english. )
2- Book to be use: Population and Community Health Nursing, Sixth Edition
Author: Mary Jo Clark
Pearson Education
3- you must use 3 peer-reviewed nursing journal article published within the last 5 years
This week you will peruse Chapters 14-24 (Nursing Care of Special Population). Then, choose one of the special populations or special settings to focus on. For your initial response, choose one of the following options and discuss the questions related to it based on the population you chose.
– Nursing Care of Special Populations
Who are the people in the population or setting you choose?
Summarize the cultural, economic, and global influences that might affect the population you chose.
What strategies could you use or are in place in your community to care for this special population?

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