Using the information you have collected from the writing assignment materials, write a report on offshore oil drilling in New Zealand waters.

The main body of your report will contain three sections.

The sections should present information sourced from the provided materials. No other sources should be used.

Writ about 500 words. Your report will include the following :

– A brief introduction

– Section 1 : The nature and technique of offshore drilling for oil.

– Section 2 : The main reasons in favour of offshore drilling in New Zealand waters.

– Section 3 : The main arguments against offshore drilling in New Zealand waters.

– A brief conclusion.

– Recommendations.

At least 3 recommendations to be considered before the final decision is made.

Your introduction should state the purpose of the report and foreshadow its contents. Your conclusion should sum up the topic and reiterate the main points of the report. But not add any new material.
Make sure your report is appropriately presented in section. Each section must have a clear section heading that indicates what that section will discuss. Begin each section with a topic sentence that directly relates to the heading and opens the discussion of that aspect of the topic.
You must use at least one quotation, Clearly identified as such and correctly cited.
You must paraphrase and cite all other material you use. You will be penalized for any direct quotation without acknowledgement.

Presentation of the Report

The report must be word-processed using 12 font size and 1.5 line spacing.
Don’t, especially in your reference list, use a range of font types and sizes.
The report should consist of five pages:

Page 1 a title page that gives the title of the report. Your name , your tutor’s name, the name of your tutor group and your student I.D. number.

Page 2 a title table of contents.

Page 3 and 4 the report; introduction, main body and conclusion ( 3 sections ) and recommendations.

Page 5 a reference list, that correctly lists all the sources used i.e. all the provided readings.

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