Our Good Earth



Review http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2008/09/soil/mann-text


This assignment relates to the National Geographic article resource Our Good Earth                (see citation on next page), which explores environmental issues connected to soil erosion and degradation. The article specifically highlights relationships between agricultural practices and desertification of soil, or reduction in its productivity due to a loss of organic matter, which results from the way that the soil is planted, maintained, and managed. However, food production and distribution systems in general are an overarching theme. Purchasing decisions – local or global, industrial or organic – ultimately affect the quality of the soil in the location where the goods were grown.



Underlined text below represents the “required content” for this assignment. These elements must be included in your presentation slide(s) according to the Content area of the rubric.


  1. Track all food eaten for one day, diary style; note where the item came from and whether it is organic when available. For example………


Thursday – cantaloupe (California/not organic), egg (Tennessee/organic), 2 pieces bread (Pennsylvania/not organic); sub with Italian cold cuts and provolone, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, roll (Subway so no location or production information available); chicken breast (Georgia/not organic), broccoli (Oregon/not organic),


  1. Sort the entries into a list by organic, not organic, and not sure. For example………


Organic – egg

Not organic – cantaloupe, bread, chicken, broccoli,

Not sure – deli meats, cheese, mayonnaise, roll


  • Plot on a map the locations where the food was grown.


  1. Create a chart (pie chart, line graph, or bar graph) of the growing method of the foods eaten (organic, not organic, not sure).


  1. Highlight ways that the food items on your list may contribute to environmental issues due to method of production and distance traveled in at least five descriptive, well-constructed bullets.


  1. Put your information for parts III, IV & V into the Presentation Project Template.





Mann, C. (2008). Our good earth. Retrieved from http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2008/09/soil/mann-text


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