soil is the core of civilization

MODULE SIX – Review Worksheet


This assignment evaluates lecture and textbook understanding; use those resources to answer the 10 questions below in at least two solid sentences each. Work must be written in your own words and adhere to proper mechanics, grammar, and spelling. Specifics about grading can be found in the associated rubric, located in the Course Information folder.


  1. Lecture


  1. What are some ways in which “soil is the core of civilization?”


From the video



  1. What are some characteristics of industrial farming?


From the video


  1. What are three specific locations of diminishing soil quantity and quality that the article presents, and what is the consequence of each?

From the National Geographic article found in the Module Resources folder



  1. Textbook


  1. What is soil?


  1. What factors are needed for “best” soil and plant growth?


  1. What is “soil erosion” and “soil desertification” and how does each one happen?


  1. What are the three major practices that cause soil degradation?


  1. What was the “green revolution” and how does it relate to food production?


  1. What are three consequences of industrial-style animal farming?


  1. What are three contributing factors to rises in the price of food commodities?




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