Outline for Epicurus

Outline for Epicurus

Letter 2

I. Studying nature brings us peace §§37,83, 79ff, 85,87,115,116

II. Everything is material §§40ff

III. Sense perception §§46ff and Text 5 XXIII and XXIV, “Film” §49

IV. Atoms §54

V. Soul §§63ff, see §§67

VI. Gods no direct universe §§97,104

VII. Worlds coming into being and passing away §§73,90

Letter 4

I. Philosophy same as happiness and driven by pleasures §122 and Text 6 6.54,6.55,6.14

II. Gods exists but common notion is impious §123 and Text 5 I,II

III. Death is nothing to us §124, Text 5 XXI, Text 6 6.35,6.60

IV. Blessed Life 5.XXVI, 6.33

V. Not choose all pleasures §129,5.VIII

VI. Friendship as greatest blessing 5.XXVII,5.XXVII,XXXI-XL,6.7,6.15,,6.52,6.56,6.66


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